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  1. If you are new to miRNA study, Ambion
    Provider: Ambion
  2. Describes a method for purifying miRNAs from total RNA using PAGE gel.
    Provider: Ambion
  3. This protocol consists of the following procedures: 1. Oligo Design; 2. ImpA Synthesis; 3. Synthesizing Oligos; 4. Oligonucleotide Adenylation; 5. Small RNA Purification; 6. 3' Adaptor Ligation; 7. 5' Adaptor Ligation; 8. RT-PCR; 9. Concatamerization; 10. Cloning into Topo vector; 11. Screen and SequencemiRNACl...
    Provider: Bartel Lab, MIT
    Provider: Fatih Kocabas, Moleküler Biyolog ve Genetikçi, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
  5. Includes experimental authentication of miRNAs,
    Provider: Labome
  6. This protocol utilizes the powerful guanidine isothiocyanate–phenol:chloroform extraction method which allows the rapid isolation of total RNA including small RNAs. The conditions for extraction enable the partitioning of proteins and DNA into the organic layer of the biphasic solution interface, while retaining RNA in the upper aqueous layer. The aqueous phase is removed to a second tube, and RNA is precipitated with an equal volume of isopropanol. High yields of pure, undegraded total RNA can be recovered from even small quantities of tissue or cells. Large numbers of samples may be performed simultaneously, because of the simplicity of the technique.
    Provider: Protocol Online
  7. This protocol consists of three major parts of detailed procedures for microRNA microarray experiment including microRNA isolation and purification, miRNA labeling and clean-up, and microRNA array hybridization, washing and scanning.
    Provider: Microarray Core Facility, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
  8. A detailed miRNA and small RNA Northern blotting protocol
    Provider: David Bartel Lab, MIT
  9. This microRNA extraction protocol is part of a microRNA microarray protocol and consists of three major parts: cell lysis and tissue disruption, organic extraction and enrichment procedure for small RNAs.miRNA_array....
    Provider: Microarray Core Facility, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas