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  1. Subject: Mathematics & Computer Science, Information Technology & Data Management; sensor; intelligent logistics; subliminal channel; BAN logic; mutual authentication; anti-switch package; package tracing
  2. Subject: Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Science; precipitation; microphysics; convective precipitation; meteosat second generation
  3. Subject: Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry; Keywords: methotrexate, cubic phase, magnetocubosomes, monoolein, liquid crystalline phase, drug delivery system, alternating magnetic field
  4. Subject: Materials Science, Biomaterials; microstructure of liquids; water-salt units; salt microcrystals; hydrated shells; coacervates, self – assembly; air pollution.
  5. Subject: Physical Sciences, General & Theoretical Physics; momentum, kinetic momentum, rest-mass momentum, de Broglie wave, Compton wave, relativistic energy momentum relation, relativistic wave equation
  6. Subject: Biology, Physiology; nonalcoholic fatty liver disease; high fat-sucrose diet; metabolomics; HPLC-QTOF-MS; quercetin
  7. Subject: Engineering, Other; deep convolutional neural networks; multi-class segmentation; global convolutional network; channel attention; transfer learning; ISPRS Vaihingen; Landsat-8
  8. Subject: Medicine & Pharmacology, Pharmacology & Toxicology; diabetes kidney; oxidative stress; inflammation; resveratrol; insulin signaling
  9. Subject: Biology, Plant Sciences; EuAP2 genes; Flowering; Plant Development
  10. Subject: Chemistry, Food Chemistry; Chagalapoli (Ardisia compressa), fermented beverage, phenolic compounds
  11. Subject: Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering; Android; arduino; bluetooth; hand-gesture recognition; low cost; open source; sensors; smart cars; speech recognition
  12. Subject: ; Fraud, Allegations, Ethics, Research Misconduct, Philosophy
  13. Subject: Earth Sciences, Other; x-ray fluorescence, paleo-depositional environments; porosity correlation
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