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  1. Authors: Justin M. Wolter1,2, Kasuen Kotagama1,2, Cody S. Babb2, Marco Mangone1,2
  2. If you are new to miRNA study, Ambion
    Provider: Ambion
  3. Summary: MiRNA Biogenesis and Regulation of Diseases: An Overview MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small RNA molecules, with their role in gene silencing and translational repression by binding to target mRNAs. Since...
    Published: Oct-14-2016
    Test: 2000
  4. Authors: Heiko Lemcke1,2,3, Natalia Voronina1,2,3, Gustav Steinhoff1,2,3, Robert David1,2,3
  5. Describes a method for purifying miRNAs from total RNA using PAGE gel.
    Provider: Ambion
  6. Summary: Prediction of Plant miRNA Genes This chapter presents procedures for the computational identification of plant miRNA genes. In the first procedure, homologs of known miRNAs are identified...
    Published: Jan-01-2009
    Test: 2000
  7. Authors: Nathan Bucay1, Varahram Shahryari1, Shahana Majid1, Soichiro Yamamura1, Yozo Mitsui1, Z. Laura Tabatabai1, Kirsten Greene1, Guoren Deng1, Rajvir Dahiya1, Yuichiro Tanaka1, Sharanjot Saini1
  8. This protocol consists of the following procedures: 1. Oligo Design; 2. ImpA Synthesis; 3. Synthesizing Oligos; 4. Oligonucleotide Adenylation; 5. Small RNA Purification; 6. 3' Adaptor Ligation; 7. 5' Adaptor Ligation; 8. RT-PCR; 9. Concatamerization; 10. Cloning into Topo vector; 11. Screen and SequencemiRNACl...
    Provider: Bartel Lab, MIT
  9. Summary: The Principles of MiRNA-Masking Antisense Oligonucleotides Technology MiRNA-masking antisense oligonucleotides technology (miR-mask) is an anti-microRNA antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotide (AMO...
    Published: Oct-19-2010
    Test: 2000
  10. Authors: Mavis Mensah*1, Cristina Borzi*1, Carla Verri1, Paola Suatoni2, Davide Conte1, Ugo Pastorino2, Fortunato Orazio1, Gabriella Sozzi1, Mattia Boeri1
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